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CPR/AED & First Aid Training

BLS Provider / Basic CPR/AED Training / First Aid Training /  Foster Parents & Day Care workers required certification


” I’ve been in the medical field since 1992. This was the MOST informative basic life support class that I have ever taken! The setting was comfortable. The instructor was pleasant and professional. Would highly recommend anyone that is looking to get certified. ”   – C. Wilson,  Austin, Tx.

 As part of the level of service I strive for, I will go to your place of business at no extra cost, bringing all the necessary equipment, allowing your employees to learn the life saving techniques through the training that I provide. As an instructor, you will enjoy a relaxed and entertaining type of environment as I share my knowledge through the years of responding to dozen’s of Heart / Cardiac Arrest emergencies as an Austin Firefighter / First res-ponder and Emergency Medical Technician. Sharing “inside information” that I, as a former Firefighter would personally have knowledge of.

Because of my low overhead I can extend the savings to you.

* Spanish speaking training offered. Se habla Espanol.

All students will have their own mannequin to practice on. All mannequins are American Heart Association / Medic First Aid compliant, equipped with a built-in feedback device to allow you to know when you have reached the proper compression depth, continual rhythm and inflatable lungs to determine proper ventilation’s.

* I also offer classes at my home ( 16855 Tortoise St. Round Rock 78664 )  Because of the limited number of students, you will receive personalized instruction, no getting lost among the many others. NO folding chairs or desk’s  – instead, a comfortable sofa and big screen TV. Max of 5 students.


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Preceding pictures of students was before Covid19. All students are required to wear a face mask. Non-latex gloves are provided. Sociable distancing is strictly adhered to.

American Heart Association - BLS Provider

AHA BLS Provider courses

7/7 @ 6PM-9:30PM / Tuesday

7/8 @ 8am-11am / Wednesday

7/11 @ 9am-12:30pm / Saturday

7/15 @ 6pm-9:30pm / Wednesday

7/18 @ 9am-12:30pm / Saturday


Please click on “Schedule Training” (below), include the desired training date in the comments section.


” This was by far the most informative , fun, and engaging BLS class I’ve ever taken. This class took place in his beautiful home with a small group which gave it a feel of a more personalized and relaxed type of instruction. I will definitely be referring my co-workers and friends To fired up solutions. It was FANTASTIC !! ” – Lovie H.  Round Rock, Texas

This required course is intended for Medical professionals / Health Care Providers needing Basic Life Support (BLS) Health Care Provider American Heart Association certification.

Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, LVN’s, Nursing staff, Respiratory, Physical and Occupational therapists, Various Nursing home providers, Assisted Living home employees, certified / non-certified, licensed or non-licensed Health Care Providers, medical students, Dental workers, Firefighter students, EMT’s and Paramedics, including students studying in medical fields ( UT, ACC, Concordia, St.Edwards, EMTS Academy )

Hands on participation required as well as a written and skills test / review with all testing materials thoroughly covered.

*2 year American Heart Association certification

*Students are issued an e-card certification they can access from their email the same day of the course and a handy CPR reminder card as well as classroom material.

Student workbooks can be purchased for 10 dollars.

  • Class duration is typically 3.5 hours for the BLS Provider course. ( depending on the number of students )

Instruction includes CPR/AED for Adults, Children and Infants, including choking emergencies.

** The required depth for compressions is 2 inches but when do you know when you have reached the required depth ?

* All forms of Payments accepted

$75 - per person / Payment due upon completion of the course

Non-Medical Professionals
- MEDIC First Aid ( * American Heart Association Guildlines )

” Eli is a Fantastic Instructor. He breaks up the cut and dry video with eye opening personal experiences that enhance the overall knowledge and understanding of the material. You can tell he truly has a passion for the courses and instructing. You will not find a better CPR instructor in Texas.”  – M. Schultz,   Round Rock, Tx.

This course is intended for the general public or anyone who is required to have a basic CPR/AED certification.

Restaurant staff,  professional caregivers,  students,  teachers, coaches, troop leaders, childcare providers, baby sitters, lifeguards, fitness instructors, office employees, security guards, some who work in medical facilities and construction workers.

Class duration is typically 2 – 3 hours , depending on the number of students

  • 2 year Adult  MEDIC First Aid – CPR/AED certification 

*Group Discounts Available

*All certification e-cards are awarded the same day and can be obtained from the student’s e-mail address. All student’s receive a handy complimentary CPR reminder card. In addition, students can access all instructional material at no extra cost.

*While the course is intended to cover Adults only CPR/AED and choking emergencies, Children and Infant CPR/AED and choking emergencies addressed at NO additional cost ( Optional ). Please allow an additional 20 minutes.

** The required depth for compressions is 2 inches but when do you know when you have reached the required depth ?

* All forms of Payments accepted

$40 - CPR/AED
$40 - First Aid Training
BOTH - CPR/AED & First Aid Training - $70
Instructional e-workbook included

*All students can download the course material online at no additional cost, along with the certification digital e-card, valid for 2 years


First Aid Training is an additional 2 hours ( video-based driven course / instructional lecture / skills testing )

    * This course is typically scheduled as needed. Please submit your request by clicking on “Schedule Training” (below). Please include  a preferred date and any pertinent information .

Foster Parents / Daycare workers

American Heart Association

“My husband and I took Eli’s class to become Foster Parents and LOVED IT!! He is very knowledgeable and has suggestions for easy ways to remember the important points. He is personable and a natural teacher. I’d recommend his classes to anyone.”  – David & Erin,  Austin, Tx.

CPR/AED and First Aid Training certification

  • Adults, Children & Infant certification
  • Please allow 3.5 – 4 hours to cover the Training’s

* This course is typically scheduled as needed. Please submit your request by clicking on “Schedule Training” (below). Please include  a preferred date and any pertinent information .

  • Student workbook included at no additional cost. A $10 dollar savings.

*All forms of Payments accepted

$70 - per person / Payment due the day of the Course

*One on One training for just an additional $20

Family and Friends CPR

* Group Discounts Available / * All forms of Payments accepted

  • Minimum of 4 students if it’s at my Home site
  • Minimum of 7 students if the training is held at your location

” We truly had a 5 out of 5 stars experience with Fire Up solutions. Our whole family (mom, dad, 14 yrs old daughter and 10 yrs old son) took the “Friends and Family” CPR class developed by the American Heart Association for those wanting to learn CPR for personal enrichment rather than for a required certification. It was a fantastic family experience!”  – William I.  Round Rock, Texas

Design to train those who are interested in learning these life saving skills, this course is for all age groups. Approximately 1.5 hours in duration. This course is intended to teach the basics of Adult, Child / Infant CPR, AED &  choking emergencies.

  • * This course is typically scheduled as needed. Please submit your request by clicking on “Schedule Training” (below). Please include  a preferred date and any pertinent information .                                                                                                                  
  • No certification awarded

$30 - per person / Payment due after the Course