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Seriously Entertaining Life Safety Training

Workplace & Home Fire and Life Safety, Fire Extinguisher & CPR /AED/ First Aid Training

FIRED UP SOLUTIONS is based on the belief that the customer’s safety is of the utmost importance. As a former Austin Firefighter (29 years) / Emergency Medical Technician (36 years), and responding to dozens of cardiac emergency calls, I incorporate my experience as part of the lesson plan, while sharing a perspective on Fire Department / Austin EMS protocols. Specializing in the greater Austin area, I offer a personal and flexible service catered to your location and a time that works best for your training needs.
  • Spanish speaking presentations available / Se Habla Espanol

“From the first 5 min I knew this was the best CPR class I would ever take! I’ve taken many classes over the years in many different states. He was by far the best! It was full of real-life knowledge from his experiences along with everything you needed to know to be successful. He has a great personality. He’s hilarious, educated and overqualified. I’ll definitely be taking his class again and you should too! ”    M. Love, Austin, Tx.    4/10/2023





Do you know the difference between a Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest?

Did you know that a Heart Attack can affect men and women differently?

Cardiac Arrest kills more people than AIDS, breast and lung cancer combined.

Only 32% of out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest victims receive CPR from a bystander.

9 out of 10 Cardiac Arrest events occur outside of a hospital.

Did you know that the compression depth is two inches but how do you know when you have reached the required depth?

Optimum time to locate an AED and use it is 90 seconds from when Cardiac Arrest occurs at which time the Cardiac Arrest victim will have at least a 50% chance of survival.

You stand a 27% chance of locating an AED in the USA.