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Seriously Entertaining Life Safety Training

Workplace & Home Fire and Life Safety, Fire Extinguisher & CPR /AED/ First Aid Training (Certifications & Training page)

FIRED UP SOLUTIONS is based on the belief that the customer’s needs and safety are of the utmost importance. As a former Austin Firefighter (29 years) / Emergency Medical Technician (36 years), I incorporate my experience as part of the lesson plan, while sharing a perspective on Fire Department / Austin EMS protocols. Specializing in the greater Austin area, I offer a personal and flexible service catered to your location and a time that works best for your training needs.
  • Spanish speaking presentations / Se Habla Espanol


” I’ve been in the healthcare field for over 20 years as a Navy Hospital corpsman and as a medical imaging/MRI technologist. It was a class that I will NOT soon forget. Not only informative but refreshing; knowledge and experience are what Eli brings to the class. REAL WORLD experience is rare and that’s why one can’t go wrong with FIRED UP SOLUTIONS. ”   Sang T.  Austin, Tx




Do you know the difference between a Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest?

Did you know that a Heart Attack can affect men and women differently?

Cardiac Arrest kills more people than AIDS, breast and lung cancer combined.

Only 32% of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victims receive CPR from a bystander.

Optimum time to locate an AED and use it is 90 seconds

You stand a 27% chance of locating an AED in the USA