- S T A Y   O U T  ! !

In an effort to communicate the importance of promoting a safe working environment for all who work in Austin and surrounding areas, I offer the following:

  •  Specializing in Floor / Fire Warden Training
  •  Including Hi-Rise Emergency Evacuation Procedures
  •  Emergency Response Team Training
  •  Fire Extinguisher Training

  • Up to 45 - 90 minute duration for presentation's
    *  Average duration for presentations is 1 hour & 15 minutes or less
  • NO Maximum of participant's
        Power point presentation, designed by "Fired Up Solutions"
  • On site Training at " Your location "
  • Informative custom made fire safety brochures for work and home, some of the contents of the training are included in the brochures.
* Refer to - Topics of the Lesson Plan page for further detail's


Hands on Fire
Extinguisher training

Unlike other fire extinguisher companies everyone uses a fire extinguisher.

Please call to discuss location and details regarding where the training should be held.
   $159.00 -  Providing that the requesting  organization
                                              provides the fire extinguishers
   $23.00  - Additional Recharge fee per fire extinguisher,
                                            if Fired Up Solutions provides the extinguishers
                                                          Typically, 3-5 participants per fire extinguisher

Did you know:

A typical 2.5 - 5lb. ABC fire extinguisher has an average 
discharge time of approximately 15-25 seconds.

**** Workplace Violence :

Consider utilizing a fire extinguisher as a form of personal protection by discharging it at the perpetrator's face. Incapacitating the perpetrator by rendering the perpetrator unable to see and breathe.  


Three elements that support
the ignition of Fire:  
- Fuel
- Heat
- Oxygen
( Ignition source )
       The Fire Triangle
                                        Remove any ONE of these elements   
                                        and the fire will be extinguished.