STAY - OUT !!!!

    In an effort to communicate the importance of promoting
    a safe working environment for all who work in Austin
    and surrounding areas, I offer the following:                           
 - Specializing in Floor/Fire Warden Training including Hi-Rises 
 - Emergencies and Evacuation Procedures
 - Emergency Response Team Training
 - Fire Extinguisher Training

  •  45 - 90 minute duration for presentation's -  Floor Warden Training
         *  Average duration for presentations is 1 hour & 15 minutes
  •  NO Maximum of participant's
         Power point presentation, designed by "Fired Up Solutions"
  •  On site training at " Your location"
  •  Informative fire safety brochures for work and home, most of the contents of  the training information is included in the brochures.
* Refer to - Topics of the Lesson Plan page for further detail's


Hands on Fire
Extinguisher training

Unlike other Fire Extinguisher companies everyone uses a Fire Extinguisher.

Please contact me to discuss location and details regarding where the training should
be held.
   $169.00 -  Providing that the requesting  organization
                                              provides the Fire Extinguishers
   $23.00  - Additional Recharge fee per Fire Extinguisher,
                                            if Fired Up Solutions provides the extinguishers
                                                          Typically, 3-5 participants per fire extinguisher

Did you know:

A typical 2.5 - 5lb. ABC Fire Extinguisher has an average 
discharge time of approximately 15-25 seconds.

****  Workplace Violence :

Consider utilizing a Fire Extinguisher as a form
of personal protection by discharging it at the perpetrator's face. Incapacitating the perpetrator by rendering the perpetrator unable to see and breathe.
Use the extinguishing agent to create a "smoke screen"
thus allowing you cover to possibly escape. 

* After accidentally discharging an Extinguisher in my own face which lead me to consider this !


3 Elements that support Fire
- Fuel
- Heat
- Oxygen
( Ignition source )
        The Fire Triangle
                                         Remove any ONE of these elements   
                                         and the fire will be extinguished.