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Did you Know:

A working smoke alarm will 
increase your chances of 
survival by 50%Give your 
household at least half a chance ! 

1984,  5 Alarm fire/explosion at the
Galvan Paint factory that I responded
to. We (Engine Co.20) were first in

Did you know:
Austin, Texas is the 11th Largest                             
city in America

The  Austin Fire Department is the 14th     
Largest Fire Department in America.
( forty-nine fire stations )

Unfortunately, Austin ranks 19th in the
nation for the most traffic congestion  :(

Austin was also ranked above every other city in
Texas for having the worst traffic congestion.

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                  The Texas Capital building is  
                  the Largest Capital building in
                 America. Even Larger than      
                 the U.S. Capital building in 
                 Washington D.C.