F I R E D U P SOLUTIONS - Summary of Experience - Round Rock, TX


     Summary of experience includes:
    • Work Place fire and life safety educator
    • Assigned to the AFD Public Education / Public Relations section
    • Evacuation planning and training, including Hi-Rise
    • Floor Warden / Emergency Response Team training 
    • Fire safety instruction for Health Care facilities, including Assisted Living and Nursing Homes
    • Fire Extinguisher training
    • Professional relationship with many of Austin's commercial  management companies and Hi tech companies
    • CPR / AED and first aid Instructor for the Austin Travis County Emergency Medical Services (ATCEMS)
    • Williamson County CPR / AED and first aid Instructor

     - Medal of commendation for Public Education *
     - Three Customer Service Stars
     - Medal of Merit
     - The Austin City Managers Ace award *
     - Two Pride of the City pins
     - Two Unit Citations
     - Four Certificates of Appreciation
        * One of two ever awarded to any AFD member

    - Continuing Education classes spanning 29 yrs
    - Certified CPR, AED and First Aid instructor
    •    American Heart Association 
    •    Medic First Aid


    Did you Know:  
    Heat from a Fire increases at least 
    100 degrees per every 1 Foot Elevation