As part of the level of service I strive for, I will go 
to your place of business, bringing all the necessary
equipment, allowing your employees to learn the life 
saving techniques through the training I provide.  
As an instructor, you will enjoy a relaxed and entertaining type of environment as I share my knowledge through the years of experience as a firefighter and first responder. Because of my low overhead I can extend the savings to you.

Because of the limited number of students you will receive personalized instruction, no getting lost 
among the many others. 

* All students will have their own manikin to practice with

Family and Friends CPR :  
Design to train those who are interested in learning these life saving skills, this course is for all age groups. Approximately 1 hour in duration the course is intended to teach the basics of adult, child / infant CPR, AED & choking emergencies
Hands on participation strongly suggested
No certification awarded.  
Cost -$20
Certifications for : Basic Life Support 
       Health Care Providers
This course is intended for medical professionals in need of a Basic Life         Support Health Care Provider AHA             certification.

  • Doctors, Nurses, LVN's, Respiratory, Physical and Occupational therapists
  • Certified / non-certified, licensed or non-licensed Health-Care Providers
  • Medical Students,Police Officers, Firefighters, EMT, Paramedics 

Hands on participation required as well as a written and skills test 
with all testing materials thoroughly covered.
  * 2 year American Heart Association certification 
Cost:  $45- per person
$40- for First Aid Training / 19.00 for the workbook
*All students are required to have the student workbook. Workbooks can be purchased beforehand through Channing Bete Company, Inc. -(click on "Our Partners" -American Heart Association) or can be purchased on the day of the course.

Instruction includes CPR, AED training, choking emergencies for infants, 
children and adults. (First Aid training is optional)
- Class duration is typically 3 hours for CPR and AED training
- First Aid Training is an additional 3.5 hours
Non -Medical Professionals/ Heart saver :
This course is intended for an employee who is required
to have a basic CPR certification from the AHA.
  • Restaurant staff, professional caregiver, students, teachers, coaches
  • Troop leaders, Childcare providers, lifeguards, fitness instructors, office employees
* 2 year American Heart Association certification 
Cost:  $35per person
$40additional for First Aid Training/ $19 student workbook
Instruction includes CPR, AED training, choking 
emergencies for infants, children and adults. 
* First Aid training is optional.
- Class duration is typically 2 hours for CPR and AED training
- First Aid training is an additional 3 hours
Hands on participation required

All certification cards are given that same day and all students receive a handy complimentary CPR reminder card

*Call me regarding group discounts

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 Did you know:
Approximately 80% of out of hospital heart attacks happen in
the home with a witness, sadly only 6% of sudden heart attack
victims survive because the witness did not know what to do.