As part of the level of service I strive for, I will go 
to your place of business, bringing all the necessary
equipment, allowing your employees to learn the life 
saving techniques through the training I provide.  
As an instructor, you will enjoy a relaxed and entertaining type of environment as I share my knowledge through the years of experience as a firefighter and first responder. Because of my low overhead I can extend the savings to you.

I also hold classes in my home.Because of the limited number of students you will receive personalized instruction, no getting lost among the many others.

One on One instruction available for just 10 dollars more

* All students will have their own mannequin to practice on

Family and Friends CPR :  
Design to train those who are interested in learning these life saving skills, this course is for all age groups. Approximately 1 hour in duration the course is intended to teach the basics of adult, child / infant CPR, AED & choking emergencies
Hands on participation strongly suggested
No certification awarded.  
Cost -$25
Certifications for : Basic Life Support 
       Health Care Providers
This course is intended for medical professionals in need of a Basic Life         Support Health Care Provider AHA certification.

  • Doctors, Nurses, LVN's, Respiratory, Physical and Occupational therapists
  • Certified / non-certified, licensed or non-licensed Health-Care Providers
  • Medical Students, Police Officers, Firefighters, EMT, Paramedics 

Hands on participation required as well as a written and skills test 
with all testing materials thoroughly covered.
  * 2 year American Heart Association certification 
Cost:  $45- per person / $40 for 10 or more students
$40- for First Aid Training / $5 dollars for the workbook
*All students are required to have the student workbook. Workbooks can be purchased beforehand through Channing Bete Company, Inc. -(click on "Our Partners" -American Heart Association) or can be purchased on the day of the course.

Instruction includes CPR, AED training, choking emergencies for infants, 
children and adults. (First Aid training is optional)
- Class duration is typically 3 hours for CPR and AED training
- First Aid Training is an additional 2.5 hours
Non -Medical Professionals/ Heart saver :
This course is intended for an employee who is required
to have a basic CPR certification from the AHA.
  • Restaurant staff, professional caregiver, students, teachers, coaches
  • Troop leaders, Childcare providers, lifeguards, fitness instructors, office employees, security guards
  • Class duration is typically 2.5 hours or less
* 2 year American Heart Association certification 
Cost:  $35per person / $30 dollars for 10 or more students

* Child and infant CPR and choking emergencies are addressed at no additional cost. Please allow 15 minutes to cover the instructions. This additional lesson is optional.

$40additional for First Aid Training / $5 for workbooks
Course covers all types of first aid emergencies

- First Aid training is an additional 3 hours
Hands on participation required

All certification cards are given that same day and all students receive a handy complimentary CPR reminder card

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 Did you know:
Approximately 80% of out of hospital cardiac arrest happen at
home with a witness, sadly only 6% of sudden cardiac arrest
victims survive because the witness did not know what to do.